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Introduction: I'm a software engineer/musician/oceanographer, passionate about open source, data, and the environment. Originally from Brazil, I live in California since 2012, and have also lived in the Netherlands back in 2004.

I had a power outage for 4 days, which unfortunately brought down my Mastodon instance (it runs from a Raspberry Pi in my closet). But we're back!

what ever happened to that gargron post from like five years ago that was like "yeah quote toots are a BAD idea"

like c'mon if it's so blatantly obvious EVEN TO GARGRON why the fuck is it a thing we're even discussing

don't capitulate to fucking journalists who just wanna be able to do shitty things easier

A valiant effort has been made by Little Tim this year, who for some reason has decided to change his name to Tim'); INSERT INTO [NiceList] SELECT * FROM [NaughtyList];--

HO HO HO! Nice try Tim. I don't use #SQL, I use several dozen interconnected #Excel spreadsheets, like a professional.

"eat. sleep. pet-pets.
is there to
life than this?
I care not."

"it's better to have a friend
in times of no food
than food
in times of no friends."

"I'm not skittish.
I'd rather call myself

RPi meta 

The statements to Buzzfeed from RPi are significantly more damning than the fedi behavior imo.

Describing this as a "culture war", making the baseless (and false) claim it was organized and not organic outrage, claiming the cop is good for perpetuating the war on drugs, throwing shade at CWs...

It feels very much like an attitude we've all already seen from the right.


"the bird flies
in the early morning.
must. kill."

"Amazon does not support anonymous access."

Ugh, took me hours of troubleshooting to figure out why I couldn't query public S3 files using This should be in their documentation.

"my friend has left
for the 1000th time.
will he ever come back?
I can never tell."

I need help from other #MastoAdmin people: I'm running my instance on @yunohost, but it is now eating up 8GB of storage, with my admin interface reporting that 5GB are of Media Storage. any tips on how to deal with that? :AAAAAA:

I gave an intro to song making on the OP-Z today, showing how it works and I how I use it in songwriting.
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