This is the machine hosting my Mastodon instance, MQTT service, Slack bot, remote backup, and custom made home-automation service.

Over the years I consolidated a lot of machines and VPSs into this Raspberry Pi.

I use so that the Raspi can have a real IP address, for a total cost of $8/month.

The external HD is used for remote backups for my laptop (my main computer) using Duplicity. This replaced and old HP microserver that I used as a NAS.

For home automation I've developed Señor Octopus ( I use it to control my lights, collect data from sensors, monitor air quality and much more.

I use Apache Superset ( to visualize the data.

@beto I've really been super tempted to do this too. I have a pi doing not much more than occasionally running a mastodon bot.

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