A song I composed today, using the Teenage Engineering OP-Z and a Hyve synthesizer, record straight into a Korg Kaoss Pad 2S.

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BTW, this is how I embedded and image in the MP3:

lame --ti cover.jpg r1_session.wav Elesimo_Naked_lady.mp3

Huh, "Naked lady" in this case is the name of the song, it's the name of the flower in the cover image.

@beto Nice - pretty good trick. Good use of effects throughout, makes it feel like it's in a space - a bit of a quasi-chiptune space 😄

@Jazzaria thanks, I really appreciate the feedback!

I'm doing this for, I'm way behind but I know I can catch up using the OP-Z.

@Jazzaria that was fun! Does the tempo ever change, or is it just an illusion of the shorter notes and the arpeggio?

@beto Thanks! And just an illusion :) it was my attempt to subvert the limitations of the OP-Z a bit, as I made it entirely on that. So the opening is just slow notes so you don't really notice the actual tempo and the swing.

I still need to spend more time with it to learn it better, but it's got a surprising amount of capability.

@Jazzaria it's an amazing machine, I've spent hundreds of hours playing with it and I still have so much to learn!

This is my favorite song I've made on the OP-Z, I always try to push it into more realistic and less video-gamey sounds:

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