Last Friday I released a new album on , with songs that I wrote back in 2016.

You can listen to the album for free on my instance (which is part of the ), and the cassette is for sale on my Bandcamp page:


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@beto I noticed you sell your albums on the #minidisc format. How do you efficiently make multiple copies? Or do you use a duplicator service?

@UnsubtleDispatch I record them myself! I have a NetMD enabled device, so I can record songs via USB at faster than realtime.

To be honest I just started playing with Minidisc a month or two ago, I never had one before. And I only sold 4 so far, so the duplication hasn't been a problem. 😄

@beto Nice. I've had a portable #minidisc recorder since 1998, before the #NetMD days. Loved having it around during school trips, etc. Happy to see the format getting some interests again.

@UnsubtleDispatch I never had one, I only saw one briefly back in 2000, since they were not popular in Brazil.

Today I have 2 players (MZ-NE410 and MZ-R70), and they feel like magic to me!

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