This is useful for in the who want to publish their songs on Mastodon: if you add a cover image to the MP3 file before attaching it to the post it will look much nicer!

I have an example here:

One thing I should call out is that attaching MP3s to posts will consume storage space in the instance, so check first with your friendly neighborhood administrator if that's OK.

You can always link to external websites where the song is hosted, and Mastodon will try its best to embed the song in the post!

Huh, turns out in newer versions of Mastodon (I'm using v3.5.3) you can choose the cover image after you attach the MP3 to a post! And you can also add a text description.

Oh, wow! I discovered you can add the cover after attaching the MP3!

@cairobraga It's a tag people are using to refer to musicians using Mastodon, to differentiate from people talking about music in general.

I think it all started when people from the astronomy community joined Mastodon and started using to find each other.

@beto OMG, I have to use it then <3 thanks for telling me

@beto really interesting!! Wonder if you’ll ever be able to post external audio AND add a cover image (I haven’t tried yet)

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