I wanted to test (a fediverse server compatible with Mastodon, but more lightweight), so I decided to set up an instance for my musical persona:

Installing was easy, and it's running on a VPS with 1GB of Ram.

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I'm now planning to install and , under and

@beto you are rocking it. the growth here federation-wise is amazing

@bhangakhana does it count if most of these instances have a single user, though? 😛

@bhangakhana for now I'm curious to explore how different applications could be used from an artist's perspective... I know it's possible to follow across applications, so you can see videos from PeerTube in Mastodon if you subscribe to the account, or see photos from Mastodon in PixelFed.

As an artist, is it better to run a single generic instance (say, Mastodon) and post everything there? Or is there value in running multiple specific applications?

@bhangakhana Funkwhale is definitely useful and worth running, since you can create playlists, libraries, etc. Not sure about the others.

@bhangakhana I also should get back to making music, at some point... I had an idea for this week's Junto but haven't had time to record it yet. 😛

@beto these are also questions I have been thinking about. Right now there seem to be a lot of people setting up instances for themselves to test if that app makes sense for them, which, although they can be federated, seems to work against the idea of community. But these individuals may not have the resources to host many people, and people without the technical skills may find it hard to setup for themselves on one hand or find a home if many sites are resource poor. /cont interesting process

@beto For example, I did set up a digital ocean droplet, which seems to be working fine for me, but I am having trouble setting up email on DO, which would limit my ability to share. If many of these individual sites grow, how do they evolve into a community? Maybe what you are doing could evolve into a hamlet, and then a village would emerge from the community of hamlets? I like your idea of integrating different federated apps into artist communities, that seems powerful.

@beto This is really neat. I’d like to set something up like this myself to share music and videos. Do you have any tips or resources for someone getting started?

@attksthdrknss the easiest way is to just post everything from Mastodon. If you post links to SoundCloud/YouTube they should embed fine and people should be able to listen/watch for their clients (web/mobile).

is nice because you can organize songs in albums and different channels, so it's a better consumption experience. I found the instructions easy to follow, if you have some experience running a server it should be easy.
Do you have a writeup on how you did it? I found the process to be above my paygrade when I tried about a week ago, so I went back to Friendica


Not really... I got the cheapest VPS available on DigitalOcean and put Ubuntu 22.10 x64 on it.

Then I followed the instructions here:

The only gotchas were that I had to stop nginx before running certbot (they mention it in the guide). And I had to ctrl-C before going into the "Finalize installation" section, since the last command in the previous section will run forever.

I'm happy to answer any questions, if you ever try again.

@riderexmachina I set up PixelFeed today... not for the faint of heart! I'll try to do a write up while it's fresh in my head.

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