Regarding my last post. "Art isn't dead, you're just stuck watching corporate sh**" (Disney/Marvel/DC/EA Games/Blizzard/ Activision)

I was talking with a friend about it.
90% of what I consume is indie media. Bcz I learned habits that allow me to find cool indie stuff seamlessly.

But it can be hard for ppl who are used to just consume what is trending, to just go off the grid with their media.

Maybe we need something like a "manual to abandon corporate media". It could be a Zine.



@BroCrow I think this is a great idea and needed! Just last night a friend of mine was complaining that he doesn't know how to find new music... He literally asked "where should I go to listen to new artists?"

@beto I would have to do some research in order to write it.

That's the kind of little project that I shouldn't rely only on personal experience. And I'll have to find people to consult and ask their opinions.

I know where and how to do it, it's just something I'm not used to.

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