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Last Friday I released a new album on , with songs that I wrote back in 2016.

You can listen to the album for free on my instance (which is part of the ), and the cassette is for sale on my Bandcamp page:


"Daniel sees the ocean", an instrumental song telling the story of a boy that sees the ocean for the first time.

"Piercing the fog", a song composed with the -Z and the Hologram .

And this one is "Siren's lament". I tried to create the sound of a sad mermaid using the Sirin for this one.

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I recorded 3 jams exploring the Moog Sirin today. I had the OP-Z sequencing the Sirin and processing the sound via the IO track.

This is song #3, "I can, should you?":

Another OP-Z song, this one using the Moog Minitaur for a nice off-beat bass.

A song I composed today, using the Teenage Engineering OP-Z and a Hyve synthesizer, record straight into a Korg Kaoss Pad 2S.

This is the machine hosting my Mastodon instance, MQTT service, Slack bot, remote backup, and custom made home-automation service.

Over the years I consolidated a lot of machines and VPSs into this Raspberry Pi.

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