"Daniel sees the ocean", an instrumental song telling the story of a boy that sees the ocean for the first time.

"Piercing the fog", a song composed with the -Z and the Hologram .

And this one is "Siren's lament". I tried to create the sound of a sad mermaid using the Sirin for this one.

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I recorded 3 jams exploring the Moog Sirin today. I had the OP-Z sequencing the Sirin and processing the sound via the IO track.

This is song #3, "I can, should you?":

Another OP-Z song, this one using the Moog Minitaur for a nice off-beat bass.

A song I composed today, using the Teenage Engineering OP-Z and a Hyve synthesizer, record straight into a Korg Kaoss Pad 2S.

This is the machine hosting my Mastodon instance, MQTT service, Slack bot, remote backup, and custom made home-automation service.

Over the years I consolidated a lot of machines and VPSs into this Raspberry Pi.

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