@__h2__ I'm a big fan of hoppy.network, it gives you a fixed IP over WireGuard.

I recently learned about Gemini, and decided to take the plunge. I started working on a new version of my blog engine (github.com/betodealmeida/nefel) that supports Gemini.

I now have a Gemini "capsule" at gemini://taoetc.org/.

Synthwave from Scratch 

@paul this sounds great! How are you synthesizing the sounds, are you using Pure Data or something similar?

"Daniel sees the ocean", an instrumental song telling the story of a boy that sees the ocean for the first time.

"Piercing the fog", a song composed with the -Z and the Hologram .

@njoseph I never reach out for async intuitively because that puts me immediately in a corner: async code can call sync functions, but the opposite is not true.

It's usually an afterthought. I'm now planning to rewrite my whole blog engine from scratch using asyncio, because with a few hundred posts the static site generation is starting to get slow.

A friend tried to visit my blog:

"The website is blacklisted and not safe to use." -- Google Safe Browsing Checker

FUCK YOU, Google! It's a fucking static website hosted on S3, running barely any Javascript. There isn't even a server to hack, what are you talking about?!?

And this one is "Siren's lament". I tried to create the sound of a sad mermaid using the Sirin for this one.

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I recorded 3 jams exploring the Moog Sirin today. I had the OP-Z sequencing the Sirin and processing the sound via the IO track.

This is song #3, "I can, should you?":

Another OP-Z song, this one using the Moog Minitaur for a nice off-beat bass.

@Jazzaria it's an amazing machine, I've spent hundreds of hours playing with it and I still have so much to learn!

This is my favorite song I've made on the OP-Z, I always try to push it into more realistic and less video-gamey sounds: thefishermenandthepriestess.co

@Jazzaria that was fun! Does the tempo ever change, or is it just an illusion of the shorter notes and the arpeggio?

Climate Change Is The Greatest Threat To Public Health, Top Medical Journals Warn

The rapidly warming climate is the "greatest threat" to global public health, more than 200 medical journals are warning in an unprecedented joint statement that urges world leaders to cut heat-trapping emissions to avoid "catastrophic harm to health that will be impossible to reverse."

The editorial, which was published in leading journals such as The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine and the British Medical Journal, says the world can't wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass before addressing climate change.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow


Six easy and simple rules for good web design 

@IngaLovinde @schratze good point!

hey #fediverse, I created a list of the sustainable VPS providers with the contributions from you ❤️

thanks a lot to @gert @mxv @jeremiahlee @wklew @petros @redoak @clayton @pettter @minoru @thomas @claus @michiel @wisemonkey @metaphil @ilumium @aligyie @palito

hoped I marked everyone 😅

contributions are always welcomed!


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