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I've sent a release to major streaming platforms, but I can't wait to get it live. So it's on my funkwhale instance now.


Official release date is 12/05/2022.

Feedback appreciated.
#music #techno #idm

I think it's glorious that there's now a Mastodon server operated by people who used to work for Twitter ( I could have never imagined it when I started in 2016.

How do you make a thread on Mastodon?

Pretty much the same way as on Twitter, with one difference. You compose the first post, publish it, then reply to it, then reply to it again, and so on. But there's one difference. If the first post is Public, you can make all the others Unlisted. This way, people can follow the thread by clicking on the first post, but their timeline isn't clogged up with all of the other posts.

[A short thread]

#FediTip #help

This 1909 autograph book was meant to provide the owner with "ghosts" of their friends' signatures.
📷: From the Alden Library archive

You also run a #netlabel or release your music under #CC? We are always happy about recommendations. Just use the form:

As of today, we always try to include a hashtag with reference to the country of origin of each release.

And don't forget to support the artists and labels. The downloads are free, but you can still pay for them.

Thanks to and for running the #mastodon services!

Thanks Konrad @knrd


@t3kk I think only Mastodon 4 (just released) allows following a hashtag, your instance might have not upgraded yet.

@attksthdrknss the easiest way is to just post everything from Mastodon. If you post links to SoundCloud/YouTube they should embed fine and people should be able to listen/watch for their clients (web/mobile).

is nice because you can organize songs in albums and different channels, so it's a better consumption experience. I found the instructions easy to follow, if you have some experience running a server it should be easy.

Made this little snippet last year. I want to make a full track out of it but I need to find where I saved those pesky presets.

#music #synthesizer #ElectronicMusic

I wrote this three years ago:

“One day, Twitter and other publishing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Medium will indeed die, like so many sites before them. And every time this happens, we lose most of the content we created and with it a fair amount of our collective cultural history.”

Own your content.

Publish on your own site.

@tinker it's amazing that from Mastodon you can follow people on PixelFed, PeerTube, Funkwhale!

Pixelfed (the fediverse analogue to Instagram) has just revamped its website.

Before it was really more geared towards potential instance admins, FOSS developers, and community organizers.

It's now geared towards users and is similar to Mastodon's main site with the goal of connecting users to an instance that can host them.

(Remember, you can follow Pixelfed accounts by using the Pixelfed software itself, and enjoying it's unique GUI and layout ORRRR!!!! you can follow Pixelfed accounts directly from your Mastodon account and get their posted pictures directly in this feed here.)

Take a look:

Me explaining how my account on Mastodon can boost posts from my PixelFed instance.

@riderexmachina I set up PixelFeed today... not for the faint of heart! I'll try to do a write up while it's fresh in my head.

Hello, Fediverse! #introductions #musodon

My name is Beto Dealmeida, and I make music as a one-person band called "The Fishermen & the Priestess". I like using #cassette tapes, #synthesizers, and #guitar to produce hopeful dreamy songs, trying to bring some beauty into this world.

You can listen to my songs on my #Funkwhale instance at, or by following @releases and @backstage.

@bhangakhana I also should get back to making music, at some point... I had an idea for this week's Junto but haven't had time to record it yet. 😛

@bhangakhana Funkwhale is definitely useful and worth running, since you can create playlists, libraries, etc. Not sure about the others.

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