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> Meanwhile, a tiny handful of Americans have grown obscenely, surreally, bizarrely rich. Bezos, Gates, and Buffett are worth more than the entire US education budget — each. Wait — a person that’s worth more than how much a society invests in all its kids?

This is How a Civilization Collapses (

I just learned about gemini:// and it looks super interesting! I've used Gopher in the past and I miss it, and last year I was thinking we could implement a new protocol just for Markdown text files — Gemini is very similar to that, from what I understand.

I'm going to add Gemini support for my custom blog engine ( using and

I use so that the Raspi can have a real IP address, for a total cost of $8/month.

The external HD is used for remote backups for my laptop (my main computer) using Duplicity. This replaced and old HP microserver that I used as a NAS.

For home automation I've developed Señor Octopus ( I use it to control my lights, collect data from sensors, monitor air quality and much more.

I use Apache Superset ( to visualize the data.

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This is the machine hosting my Mastodon instance, MQTT service, Slack bot, remote backup, and custom made home-automation service.

Over the years I consolidated a lot of machines and VPSs into this Raspberry Pi.

🎤 I am planning to make some videos testing various audio interfaces with Linux, focusing on "bedroom producers". 🎵

However - I need YOU to answer a few questions before I can begin my work.

Your input will help me choose devices to buy. Please take some time to research the options - there's a lot that you may have not heard about, that could present great value.

PS: Feel free to boost this toot :)

#unfa #Linux #MusicProduction #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware

I work on Apache Superset ( for a living, building an open source web application for business intelligence and data exploration/visualization. Lately I've been putting a lot of love on Shillelagh (, a Python library for accessing APIs via SQL.

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Introduction: I'm a software engineer/musician/oceanographer, passionate about open source, data, and the environment. Originally from Brazil, I live in California since 2012, and have also lived in the Netherlands back in 2004.

And yes, their music is available in lossless #FOSS format FLAC with no DRM: delvonlamarrorgantrio.bandcamp I encourage folks to buy their music on Bandcamp! Waaaay better than buying it via various walled gardens.

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