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I probably shouldn't repost all of my previous account's posts...but some of these DLs are probably still valid.

So as a thank you, please feel welcome to have one.

The album is October with Brent Fariss...recorded 11 years ago and finally released on Burning Harpsichord Records a few days ago.


#musodon #music #drone #electronicmusic

One thing I should call out is that attaching MP3s to posts will consume storage space in the instance, so check first with your friendly neighborhood administrator if that's OK.

You can always link to external websites where the song is hosted, and Mastodon will try its best to embed the song in the post!

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If you like Mastodon you should also check :

It's a text-only version of the web, simpler and slower. There are no likes or even comments — to interact with someone you write a post in your blog (called "capsule" in Gemini) referencing the original post.

I run my own capsule at gemini://

This is useful for in the who want to publish their songs on Mastodon: if you add a cover image to the MP3 file before attaching it to the post it will look much nicer!

I have an example here:

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For those unfamiliar with #Bandcamp - it’s the indie digital store we didn’t have in the heyday of iTunes. Now that Apple has abandoned downloads, musicians and labels from all over have taken up the format for direct distribution to listeners. Best of all: we each get to set the terms for our own work. Along with many others, I’ve made my albums there free/pay-as-you-wish - it’s community building and, yes, a smart financial choice cause listeners are generous! #musodon

Wondering how to break down Mastodon silos? Here's how:

1. Create accounts on multiple instances, and watch their local timeline. Interested in art or astrophotography? There's an instance for that.

2. Have one instance you consider your "main" instance. Follow everyone you find interesting from other instances on that account.

3. Reply to people's toots. Yes, seriously. Mastodon is about connecting to people. Like someone's art? Tell them what you like about it. Someone has an insightful view? Tell them which parts resonated with you. It might make you feel vulnerable, but it's really good in the long run.

4. Cultivate who you follow. This means actively finding people who don't share your experiences, backgrounds, and identities. Following people who have diverse experiences will put more interesting people into your personal timeline, which gives you more interesting people to follow.

5. Actually post some toots. Use hashtags. Hashtags are the only parts of toots that are searchable. The text itself doesn't show up in search results.

#MastodonTips #newcomer

By way of #introduction I'll share one of my #projects (h/t @simon) reclaiming and giving away discarded (and mostly new) Uber JUMP e-bikes. Tens of thousands of them got sent to a scrap metal processor near my house. I wanted one for myself and ended up with several tractor trailer loads! They work great but I had to design a new bike computer to replace the proprietary integration points with Uber's app. The new model has an app too, but interfaces via BLE rather than LTE.

Just chill guys. Get a little instance for yourself. Follow like 30 people. Post pictures of moss. You don’t need to ‘scale’ this place, that’s the whole point.

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Remember that #Mastodon is quiet to start with. You need to warm it up by following people / hashtags and creating lists. There's no code filling up your feed with people you 'may like'.

Non-technical (and non-solicited) #advice for junior software engineers 

4. Reading source code is also a great way to learn! Ask recommendations of projects that are good to learn from, and go read the source code.

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Non-technical (and non-solicited) #advice for junior software engineers 

1. Be mindful of other people's time: be on time for meetings and know the agenda beforehand.

2. If you don't know something, ask but don't be satisfied with only the answer. Instead, go read more about the subject and try to learn as much as possible It's important to identify gaps in your knowledge and close them.

3. Side-projects are great for learning and understanding better how things work, but don't burn yourself.


Tip 1: Use hashtags. There's no algorithm to suggest followers or shove posts into your feed in the hopes you follow someone.

Tip 2: Boost (re-post) toots liberally. *You* are the algorithm.

Tip 3: Use CW (content warnings / content wrappers) to discuss politics, the meta.

Tip 4: To create "threads", make the first post public and each reply "unlisted" to prevent clogging up your instance's feed.

Tip 5: Provide text descriptions, even just basic ones, when attaching photos or media.

Tip 6: Use the "report" features for moderating trolls so your admins can take action.

Mastodon habits I'm trying to lock in, rather than revert to my Twitter habits:

1) use CWs liberally
2) when threading, set first post to "public" and the rest to "not listed"
3) don't forget the description text when posting images (had to work on that in Twitter too)
4) throw in hashtags like it was Tumblr or Instagram when you want to reach beyond your followers
5) pin and visit hashtags to find more people
6) boost a lot

Continuing on my open-source , Shillelagh ( is a Python library that lets you query APIs using SQL. You can use it as a CLI, Python library, or with SQLAlchemy.

You can use it to manage Google Sheets, manipulate Pandas dataframes, fetch data from , and much more. It has a complete SQL engine based on SQLite, and you can even join across different APIs.

There are also 3rd party plugins for GraphQL and Airtable, and it's easy to write new ones.

Seriously though, fedi was *built* by furries, trans and queer folk, disabled neurodivergent people.

This is *the reason* the culture here is what it is. Why CWs are a thing. Why image descriptions are a thing. Why privacy matters here. Why moderation tools not only exist, but are usable — and used.

If you had joined and asked yourself "wow, how come this place is so chill and kinda… nice?" — that's thanks to all the nice people from communities some people call "weird".

So #KeepFediWeird.

Trying to figure out how custom emojis work... I was able to copy :vegan:, :cassette:, and :python: to my instance from other instances, which is pretty cool!

Last Friday I released a new album on , with songs that I wrote back in 2016.

You can listen to the album for free on my instance (which is part of the ), and the cassette is for sale on my Bandcamp page:


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