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Hello, Fediverse! #introductions #musodon

My name is Beto Dealmeida, and I make music as a one-person band called "The Fishermen & the Priestess". I like using #cassette tapes, #synthesizers, and #guitar to produce hopeful dreamy songs, trying to bring some beauty into this world.

You can listen to my songs on my #Funkwhale instance at, or by following @releases and @backstage.

I'm now planning to install and , under and

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I wanted to test (a fediverse server compatible with Mastodon, but more lightweight), so I decided to set up an instance for my musical persona:

Installing was easy, and it's running on a VPS with 1GB of Ram.

@y6nH I'm starting a new Mastodon server specifically for musicians and would love it if you joined. The idea is for everyone there to actually be making music (and hopefully sharing it regularly!), so there's a place where you can always find new stuff to listen to.

I'm keeping registrations open but requiring manual approval to ensure users fit this intent.

Here it is: 🎵

Hey there, Admin of the Internet Archive Mastodon here. I've seen some people speculate/rumor that the Archive's mastodon instance is set up to be an involuntary vacuum spot for all toots passing back into the Wayback, and it is NOT that. Any archiving of toots would be some other project (and outside my knowledge) but the Internet Archive Mastodon is just another instance, doing the mastodon thing. Communicate with us at will.

If you just arrived here from twitter and noticed not much is happening, that's how it works here. There's no algorithm driving engagement to insure corporate profits. Here you are the algorithm. It takes a little time and work on your part. When you find someone with similar interests, look to see who they follow and who follows them. Slowly you will build up your own interesting (to you) feed. Good luck.

The thing about Twitter is that it really lacks a lot of the features you'd expect from a true Mastodon replacement.

For example, there's no way to edit your toots (which they, confusingly call "tweets"—let's face it, it's a bit of a silly name that's difficult to take seriously).

"Tweets" can't be covered by a content warning. There's no way to let the poster know you like their tweet without also sharing it, and no bookmark feature.

There's no way to set up your own instance, and you're basically stuck on a single instance of Twitter. That means there's no community moderators you can reach out to to quickly resolve issues. Also, you can't de-federate instances with a lot of problematic content.

It also doesn't Integrate with other fediverse platforms, and I couldn't find the option to turn the ads off.

Really, Twitter has made a good start, but it will need to add a lot of additional features before it gets to the point where it becomes a true Mastodon replacement for most users.

#twitter #mastodon #twittermigration

Someone asked me today about my plans for the Fall and it took me a moment to realize she meant my plans for the Autumn and not the collapse of civilization.

Do sharks cry? "We don't know," scientists say. "Stop calling here. This is a private number"

Disquiet Junto Project 0567: Three Meters
The Assignment: Make music in 5/8, 6/8, and 7/8 time signatures.

Thanks to Łukasz Langa (aka RPLKTR) for instigating this project.

Step 1: The week this project is published, the Disquiet Junto will be doing its 567th consecutive weekly project. Think about those digits and how they relate to each other.

Step 2: Record a piece of music that moves between — and perhaps even overlays — 5/8, 6/8, and 7/8 time signatures.

. . .

This project’s deadline is the end of the day Monday, November 14, 2022, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are.

. . .


. . .

Thanks to @ambv for instigating this week's project.

#BlueLab is an interesting suite of quite unique open-source audio plug-ins for Linux/Mac/Windows.
There's stuff like EQHack - a tool to help you match EQ curves between two tracks, Ghost - a spectral editing plug-in (?!) and Rebalance - a machine-learning based plug-in that can adjust elements in a mix between 4 instruments, possibly reduce vocals in a track etc - in real-time!

#Audio #AudioProduction #FOSS #OpenSource #MusicProduction #Sound #Libre #LinuxAudio #Plugin

Oi #musicians, #producers, #DJs and other music type people: Post ya stuff here + boost!

I wanna listen to some bangers from this corner of the internet and to say hi to some of ya :bandcamp: :BlobHajMlem: :Blobhaj:

Continuing with the game/challenge, I wrote an open-source service that lets you move data around... it's a cross between a scheduler and , and I call it Señor Octopus:

I use to turn on lights at home at sunset, to monitor the air quality in my room, to track the location of my dog, and much more.

You build recipes using YAML, connecting sources to sinks with optional filters between them. Here's an example for getting free beer:

So @Raspberry_Pi just spun up a @Mastodon instance. I talk about why we're doing it, and (the fun bit) how we did it. Because it's running on a Pi in the Sky☁️ on a #RaspberryPi 4 with #IPv6 only networking hosted at @beasts. #RaspberryPi is now part of the #TwitterMigration.

Huh, turns out in newer versions of Mastodon (I'm using v3.5.3) you can choose the cover image after you attach the MP3 to a post! And you can also add a text description.

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A lot of people ask me "why SQL?", implying it's old (it is) and outdated (it's not).

is like sharks. Sharks have been around for a long time. They're older than trees and the rings of Saturn, actually! The reason they haven't changed that much in hundreds of millions of years is because they're really good at what they do.

SQL has been around for some 50 years for the same reason: it's really good at what it does.

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