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Plug post, sorry. There are real things up on my Bandcamp page and ready for the @Bleep43 merch stand on Sunday, including my first DIY tape project since the early 90s, and some vinyl. I've collated two EPs from 2020 together – Knowledge of the Possible + The Windmill on the Hill.

And lots of my digital releases are "name your price".

Key points from the article:

You can catch Covid multiple times.

Reinfections are common, not rare.

Breakthrough infections are common.

Covid can kill you months after you recover.

It can cause brain damage.

It can cause blood clots and heart attacks.

It doesn’t spare children.

Vaccines help, but only some.

Masks work.

#COVID #CovidIsNotOver #BringBackMasks

today: it is #BandcampFriday, which means Bandcamp waives their comissions in favour of artists.
me: I'm a musician with a lot of music published on Bandcamp.
you: should consider checking my music out and maybe buying something you like?!
crazy idea: I know, but it might be worth a shot, right?


#musodon #music #NowPlaying

My team at work just launched new research on the #TwitterMigration: We analyze which platforms are growing - especially #Mastodon, #Tumblr & #Post.

We look at which sites users are adding to their Twitter bios, posting to their friends about & downloading apps for.

Please do boost this, and love to hear any comments or feedback on it!

Download it here:

Next week I'm going to do a short performance as part of Hybrid live coding workshop. My performance is going to be called "live coding without anything". I'm going to try live coding myself. Here's my proposal:

"Is it possible to live code without a computer, without even a notation, indeed without anything but a voice?

We know from Polanyi that it is difficult to talk about what is close to us. He calls this close knowledge _tacit_, where "we know more than we can tell". Code is easy to talk about, we can explain what it is and does precisely, and therefore it is _not_ tacit. However, as live coders, we know that code can generate tacit experience, e.g. as live music, cinema or choreography.

The process of listening to running code as it outputs sound, allows us to understand it, and generate tacit knowledge about it as music. Live coding is therefore a process of generating close, tacit knowledge about what distant, explicit code represents, then applying that knowledge in changing the code to see what happens next.

Through my presentation I'll try to follow an explainable, but unwritten code through the recital of syllables, changing the code in response to the tacit experience of the rhythms that are generated."

I think for the syllables I'll use the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

exploitation of musicians, how to better support us 

Got slightly miffed watching everyone on those "other" social media platforms waiting for their #Spotify Wrapped today. I think most folks here know this, but maybe not?

Anyway, this comes across as rough, I'm not trying to condescend to anyone, I just want people not to forget that:

- Spotify pays about 3~5¢ per listen of an *entire album*
- Spotify gave some guy who rhymes with Hogan 200 MILLION dollars. Like him or not, that money could have gone to musicians.
- There are 80 million songs on Spotify. Some quick math makes that $2.50 per song on the platform.
- I have over 100 songs on Spotify, but let's be modest, they made a "the definitive Inverse Phase" playlist with 37 tracks. That would be roughly a hundred bucks.
- Can I just reiterate: That kind of money could have gone to a whole bunch of #musicians and helped us out.

I don't know that #Tidal is any less evil, but they seem it. They broadcast that they want to do better by musicians, show that we're people, and the payout seems to be around 1¢ per track. That's 3x over Spotify.

Let's also talk about who's (mostly) doing the right thing. #Bandcamp probably needs no introduction, and I've had my ups and downs with them, but many of them are ups, and maybe I'm just a dinosaur or something but I still believe purchasing music is the right way to support musicians. Two album purchases from Bandcamp is all I need to surpass my *entire* streaming income in a month. And if you purchase this upcoming friday, it's #BandcampFriday, so musicians see everything after payment processing.

To frame this another way, you would basically have to put me and only me on nonstop playback to surpass an album purchase.

A lot of people say they purchase on Bandcamp and stream on a streaming service. Kudos! That's awesome of you. You could also stream me (or whoever, like your top 10 musicians) on bandcamp. The #streaming nets me $0, but you own the music, so we got your support there. Then support us on Patreon for just $1/mo. That *still* does better than Spotify.

Anyway, sorry if this comes across in a crummy tone (music pun?), I just want people to know what #indiemusic is up against these days.


Please only respond if you identify as trans, thank you

"I am trans and..."

(Edit: removed boost request as poll is closed)

"a dog with 1 tree
knows where to pee.
a dog in the woods
does not."

"once I had
a really bad day.
then my friend
came back."

"a new toy?
better rip its eyes
so it can't attack me."

#Bookmarklet—show current #Mastodon post in a Mastodon web app of your choosing:

location.href = `https[:]//${location.href}`;

– Use the lines shown above as the address of a bookmark (browsers are OK with pasting multiple lines).
– Change the web app domain as needed. And use : instead of [:]

Thanks to @michael for telling me this trick:

"there are other dogs.
I hope they are
as happy as I am."

Understanding #Mastodon gets easier once you get the basic idea that federation between servers can be understood as homeomorphisms across hyperplanes between the Riemannian manifolds of toots, whereas the servers represent countable finite sets of discrete entities.

"Please," said the man, "can you do magic to make me be kind?"
"No," said the witch. "Magic cannot change anyone's nature."
"So there is no hope for me?"
"You ask the wrong question. Kind is not something you are. It is what you do."
"Is it that simple?"
"It is that hard."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

✨ The future is federated

Imagine being able to follow Twitter accounts from your Instagram account

With Mastodon & Pixelfed you can!


Hello, friends! A Whale's Lantern is a #MusicCollab project between Masto #musicians, in which people are randomly paired to create awesome tracks. We published 4 albums between 2017 and 2019 which can all be listened to and downloaded for free at

There's not been a new round because the Whale has been busy swimming in the ocean but maybe it will pick up again some time in the future!

My following list is full of music makers if you are looking for like-minded people!

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