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"there are other dogs.
I hope they are
as happy as I am."

Understanding #Mastodon gets easier once you get the basic idea that federation between servers can be understood as homeomorphisms across hyperplanes between the Riemannian manifolds of toots, whereas the servers represent countable finite sets of discrete entities.

"Please," said the man, "can you do magic to make me be kind?"
"No," said the witch. "Magic cannot change anyone's nature."
"So there is no hope for me?"
"You ask the wrong question. Kind is not something you are. It is what you do."
"Is it that simple?"
"It is that hard."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

✨ The future is federated

Imagine being able to follow Twitter accounts from your Instagram account

With Mastodon & Pixelfed you can!


Hello, friends! A Whale's Lantern is a #MusicCollab project between Masto #musicians, in which people are randomly paired to create awesome tracks. We published 4 albums between 2017 and 2019 which can all be listened to and downloaded for free at

There's not been a new round because the Whale has been busy swimming in the ocean but maybe it will pick up again some time in the future!

My following list is full of music makers if you are looking for like-minded people!

If you're joining Mastodon now, here's important advice:

1. Join a small instance
2. If you're part of a big instance, consider joining a small instance
3. If you have technical know-how, self-host your own instance
4. If for whatever reason you want to stay on a big instance, make your own back-up instance (like I have)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you don't know what an instance is, learn about it immediately.

"You don’t know who your art will save. You might not ever know that someone used your work as a rope to pull themselves out of the abyss with." - @lilithsaintcrow

I've kept a bookmark of this comic around since 2014 and revisit it every once in awhile, as a reminder.

A few recommendations for life on Mastodon:

1) Follow anyone you think looks potentially interesting; you can always unfollow later, and they may lead you to new people via boosted posts.

2) Boost posts you think are worthy, so others can discover new content.

3) Don't obsess on replicating your Twitter follows on Mastodon; let it be its own experience, and grow it organically. Obvs follow anyone you miss from Twitter, but this isn't a 1:1 replacement; have fun, follow your instincts.

If on top of that you have an algorithm recommending posts that have many likes, like Facebook does, people will see posts with 10x the number of likes that they get (Facebook did an internal study on this).

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In Mastodon...

...a favorite is for the author ("I liked this thing you shared")
...a bookmark is for you ("I want to see this again later")
...a boost is for your followers ("more people should see this")

Public likes are toxic and add very little value. Because of the friendship paradox ( your followers will have more followers than you on average, and their posts will receive more likes than yours, which leads to you feeling less appreciated.

I like how Mastodon breaks social media. A like button is the secret sauce that controls the masses. But on Mastodon, the like button is just a “send my complements to the chef.” It serves no other purpose.

I've sent a release to major streaming platforms, but I can't wait to get it live. So it's on my funkwhale instance now.


Official release date is 12/05/2022.

Feedback appreciated.
#music #techno #idm

I think it's glorious that there's now a Mastodon server operated by people who used to work for Twitter ( I could have never imagined it when I started in 2016.

How do you make a thread on Mastodon?

Pretty much the same way as on Twitter, with one difference. You compose the first post, publish it, then reply to it, then reply to it again, and so on. But there's one difference. If the first post is Public, you can make all the others Unlisted. This way, people can follow the thread by clicking on the first post, but their timeline isn't clogged up with all of the other posts.

[A short thread]

#FediTip #help

This 1909 autograph book was meant to provide the owner with "ghosts" of their friends' signatures.
📷: From the Alden Library archive

You also run a #netlabel or release your music under #CC? We are always happy about recommendations. Just use the form:

As of today, we always try to include a hashtag with reference to the country of origin of each release.

And don't forget to support the artists and labels. The downloads are free, but you can still pay for them.

Thanks to and for running the #mastodon services!

Thanks Konrad @knrd


Made this little snippet last year. I want to make a full track out of it but I need to find where I saved those pesky presets.

#music #synthesizer #ElectronicMusic

I wrote this three years ago:

“One day, Twitter and other publishing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Medium will indeed die, like so many sites before them. And every time this happens, we lose most of the content we created and with it a fair amount of our collective cultural history.”

Own your content.

Publish on your own site.

Me explaining how my account on Mastodon can boost posts from my PixelFed instance.

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